Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guest Blogger: Vivian Eisenecher, Author of Recovering Me, Discovering Joy: Uplifting Wisdom for Everyday Greatness

Today's guest blogger Vivian Eisenecher, author of Recovering Me, Discovering Joy: Uplifting Wisdom for Everyday Greatness.

Recovering Me, Discovering Joy reveals how to recover (from any ailment or condition) not to normal but to a better normal. After numerous attempts at sobriety, stints in more than three rehabs, followed by repeated relapses, Vivian shares the “secret” that finally brought her lasting recovery and profoundly changed her life. In an effort to improve the success rate of recovery and quite possibly save lives, one of the book’s main goals is to raise awareness about the profound correlation between depression, social anxiety, and alcoholism. Vivian has struggled with these disorders and is in recovery from all three.

In addition, Recovering Me, Discovering Joy is a remarkably honest book of creative non-fiction about the positive nature of life’s problems. It is about the journey to know oneself. With a sense of humor and an uplifting spirit of gratitude, Vivian suggests ways to live a more meaningful life. She offers a fresh look at enduring truths which we all tend to forget in our day-to-day fast-paced lives. By using stories from people in recovery, famous quotes and personal reflections, she re-establishes the importance of faith in the healing process. Her experience, strength and hope provide the reader with keys to living a richer, easier and happier life.

How I Found the Road to Recovery by Vivian Eisenecher

People ask all the time, “If the drink or drug is ruining somebody’s life, why doesn’t the addict or alcoholic simply put the drink (or drug) down?” For years and years, families, loved ones, medical professionals and society in general have repeatedly asked this question. In Recovering Me, Discovering Joy, I have an answer for the “why” of addiction. I can only speak for myself but in so doing I know that I speak for others unwilling (understandably) or unable (completely understandable) to come forward with their story.

Crazy as it seems, I didn’t like the way I felt when I was sober. That’s why I drank. Imagine that! I could not recover from alcoholism until my social anxiety and dysthymia (a chronic low-grade depression) were successfully treated. These two disorders drove my alcoholism. They were “why” I drank. The biggest problem for me was that they were never diagnosed. The miraculous thing is that they were finally and simultaneously treated only after I could (or would not) stay sober and the treatment center was throwing every available tool into the mix to treat my alcoholism. It was serendipitous because what was thrown at my alcoholism worked wonders for my anxiety and depression. The tool that has kept me sober to this day is the successful treatment of my social phobia and dysthymia. After numerous tries at sobriety and numerous relapses, my shrink threw his hands in the air and said, “Let’s try an antidepressant.” I knew sitting in his office right then that this would be a life-changing event for me. And it was.

It took awhile after anti-depressants were introduced for medical professionals and the public to understand their wide spread implications (and effectiveness) to relieve a number of different ailments. I know, I know there is so much negativity and so much derogatory information being disseminated in the media about anti-depressants. But rarely has the incredible stories of transformed lives ever been talked about! To share my profound story of hope is one of the main reasons I wrote Recovering Me, Discovering Joy. I am passionate about spreading how I found successful recovery.

My life has been transformed by the miracle of modern day medicine. The serotonin levels needed to be corrected in my brain. That’s it! Just like those people prone to high blood pressure take medications to keep from having a heart attack or stroke, I take medication to keep from losing my life to alcohol. Drinking again would be a death sentence for me for sure.

To reduce the incidence of substance abuse, we must continue to look at the underlying factors that fuel it. And by so doing, we will not only help prevent drug and alcohol addiction but we will improve the quality of life for so many. Please read Recovering Me, Discovering Joy for fresh insights into the ongoing societal battle against substance abuse and for an inspiring tale of redemption. You, too, can recover. In Recovering Me, Discovering Joy I show you how. God bless you and yours…

Author of Recovering Me, Discovering Joy / Uplifting Wisdom for Everyday Greatness, Vivian Eisenecher has been an inspirational speaker, mentor and writer since 1996. Using her experience, strength and hope, she is committed to helping educate and enlighten the general public about the puzzling aspects of the addiction/recovery process and the strong correlation between anxiety, depression and alcoholism. Vivian holds a marketing degree in Business Administration (magna cum laude). Her other published works include articles for The Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Woman’s World, Viewpoint, and JUST FINE: Unmasking Depression and Anxiety Disorders (due out in 2009). She is featured on the 2009 Faces of Recovery Calendar and is a Board of Director for A New Path (Parents for Addiction Treatment and Healing). You can visit Vivian Eisenecher's website at:

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