Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Review: A Woman's Heart That Dances by Catherine Martin

Are you seeking a unique invitation to recognize the Lord's initiation toward us? Do you struggle with allowing God to lead your steps? Do you long to participate in a dance with your Lord and Savior that will last through eternity? A Woman's Heart That Dances: Keeping in Step with God's Design for You by Catherine Martin can help.

A gifted dancer and teacher, Catherine Martin uses the imagery of dance to create this powerful and touching book that will help you:

  • "recognize and respond to the Lord's surprising invitation to you
  • engage in the romance and adventure of an intimate, personal relationship with Him
  • follow His lead as He choreographs the story of your life"
With stories from her personal experiences, women she has met, and women from the Bible, Martin shows how you, too, can accept the Lord's invitation to dance, just as she has.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, this has been a rough time for me. I over committed myself this summer, then learned my book is coming out this month instead of in October, so the stress levels are high. When I got into a screaming match with one of my daughters, I realized something had to give. Unfortunately, what has given, is my quiet time with the Lord. With the exception of creating Sunday school lessons, planning Vacation Bible School, and attending church once a week, my time with the Lord has been next to none. I'm sure He was prompting me to pick up this book and remember He was waiting.

As with Martin's previous book that I reviewed, Drawing Strength from the Names of God, A Woman's Heart That Dances reminded me that God is always there; I must stop and cast my burdens onto Him so that He may sustain me.

Some of my favorite passages discussed Anna, Mary Magdelene and Mary's sister, Martha. Mary Magdelene's story, as Martin points out, is an amazing one.

One cannot read A Woman's Heart That Dances without feeling encouraged, loved, and eager to gain or renew an intimate, personal relationship with God.

Title: A Woman's Heart That Dances
Author: Catherine Martin
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN-10: 0736926402
ISBN-13: 978-0736926409
SRP: $12.99

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