Friday, October 28, 2011

Book Review: A Christmas Journey Home by Kathi Macias

After her siblings and parents are murdered in gang-and drug-related violence in Mexico, Isabella Alcantara's grandfather begs her to flee the country with her husband, Francisco. Her abuelo uses his life savings to hire a "coyote" to take a very pregnant Isabella and Francisco across the border. The young couple soon finds themselves alone in the desert and without a penny.

Miriam Nelson lives on a small farm along the Arizona border. Her faith is put to the test when her husband, a border patrol agent, is murdered in a skirmish with drug smugglers. Now the sole support of their son, Davey, the only help she has is her mother, whose health is in question.

As Isabella's due date arrives, she finds herself alone without any idea of how she will care for her baby. Their paths destined to collide, these two women soon discover a common yearning that binds them together.

Outstanding! A modern-day nativity story that blends a ripped from the headlines situation, a crisis of faith, and a grandfather's intercession. I think I have discovered a new favorite book by Kathi Macias.

With her masterful hand, Macias wows the reader with this story that tackles the issue of illegal immigration so prevalent in today's news. Portrayed in an even-handed way, you may never look at this issue the same again. Just like Joan Hochstetler did with One Holy Night, Macias weaves a tale that tugs at your heart and brings the reader to kneel before the feet of the Prince of Peace.

A superb story, don't be surprised if reading A Christmas Journey Home becomes one of your family's holiday traditions. Don't miss this one!

Title: A Christmas Journey Home
Author:  Kathi Macias
Publisher:  New Hope Publishers
ISBN-10: 1596693282
ISBN-13: 978-1596693289
SRP:  $12.99

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