Friday, February 24, 2012

Book Spotlight: Forget Me Not by Karen Cogan

School secretary, Miranda Wilkins is thrilled when a handsome gym coach walks into her life. Paul is everything she wants in a man except for one problem. A tragedy in his past has caused him to lose trust in a loving God.

As she attempts to persuade Paul that God was not uncaring when his brother died, she faces problems of her own. Her mother is becoming gradually incapacitated mentally and physically by a mysterious illness and her father and sister are suffering from the strain.

Nonetheless, her relationship with Paul blossoms into love and they plan to spend their lives together. Unfortunately, her mother’s diagnosis throws those plans into chaos.



Miranda stuffed the last memo into a teacher’s drawer. Then, with a glance to make sure she was alone, she slammed it closed, venting her irritation. In a few minutes the bell would ring. Streams of children would pour in the doors. And she would be forced to put her problem aside and deal with their needs as they clustered at the counter.

She moved to her desk to make sure the morning announcements were in order and noticed two pages had come unstapled. A two-second task turned into a session of exasperation as the stapler jammed.

“Don’t cross me today,” she threatened, prying the staple with her fingernail. She whacked the stapler across her desk after her first approach succeeded only in breaking her nail. She examined the unsuccessful result until a male voice broke the silence.

“I hate those things when they don’t work.”

She spun around. She had been too involved in her efforts to see him walk in. She surveyed the tall, Swede who stood at the counter, impressed by the good natured face and most intense blue eyes she had ever seen. She felt her cheeks flush at the knowledge that her fit of temper had been observed.
He smiled and a small cleft appeared in his chin. In the split second before she found her voice, she noticed how his sturdy build made him look like the outdoors type.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you standing there. May I help you?" she asked.

He nodded. “I’m Paul Green. I’m here to see Mrs. Walters. I believe she’s expecting me. “

Miranda buzzed the principal.


“Mr. Green is here to see you.”

“Send him in,” came the cheerful reply.

Miranda nodded toward the oak door that led to the principal’s office. “She can see you now.”

She caught a scent of his aftershave as she showed him inside. As she closed the door behind him, her curiosity flamed. She was ashamed to find herself lingering near the door, hoping to make out words from the murmur of voices.

Reluctantly, she forced herself back to her task of unjamming the balky stapler, all the while wondering what had brought Mr. Green into the office this morning. He was probably a parent. The thought of him belonging to another woman made her feel oddly disturbed. For the few seconds their eyes had met, she had wanted to keep looking forever, to take in every detail of his well-structured face. Though she didn't pride herself on a memory for faces, she remembered Paul Green's deep blue eyes, his short-cropped blond-hair, the cleft in his chin, and his slightly mischievous grin. Why were the good ones always off-limits to her?

Hearing him chuckle, she wondered if he were discussing his child with Mrs. Walters and if the child had those same blue eyes. What would it be like to have his child with Mrs. Walters and if the child had those same blue eyes. A child who reminded you of a handsome husband. She gave the stapler a disgusted bang on her desk, wondering if she’d ever find out. While she contemplated these thoughts, the door opened and Paul walked out with the principal. Though she was determined to ignore his charm, Miranda felt her pulse quicken.


"Really enjoyed this novel. One of the best written "Christian Romance" novels I have read recently, with well-developed, interesting characters. It was not at all preachy. The Christian element flowed seamlessly into the story. I am sure other readers will enjoy "Forget Me Not" too!"

--Sandy, Amazon reviewer

"I found this book to be absolutely wonderful. Not only was it quite immersing, it was spectacularly told with excellent points. Well thought-out characters, coherent plot line - plus, everyone loves a bit of romance!

Make sure to read it!"

--Cathy P., Amazon reviewer


A native of Houston, TX, Karen spent her early years enjoying life along the Gulf Coast. After high school, she attended Texas A&M as well as the University of Houston where she obtained a B.S. in early childhood education. She has written numerous articles and stories, books for children and novels for adults. She particularly enjoys writing contemporary and historical romance.

She now lives in the Southwest with her family and assorted pets. Please visit her website at  and view her books on

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