Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guest Blogger: Michael Krauszer, Owner/Founder of Christian Literature Review

There is an overwhelming need for literature reviews from a Christian perspective, and not just for Christian books. Yes, I’m advocating for a working literacy of secular books. As Christians, we must realize an important cultural fact; non-Christians are consuming non-Christian materials more than Christian materials. As such, we must be engaging the culture by understanding what they are reading, watching, and listening to. We are in an age where books like Twilight, Harry Potter, and Toni Morrison books are being consumed at an incredible rate. Add that to the many movies taking in millions at the Box Office each week, and you have another fact; these are the ‘sermons’ that the world is taking in. In order to reach the lost and engage with the culture both evangelistically and apologetically, it’s imperative that we use our Biblical discernment to sift through the culture's literature and give the gospel to them in their own language. This, ultimately, is how and why Christian Literature Review began (www.christianlitreview.com).

One look at the book of Acts and you will notice something about Paul the Apostle. He was a man who understood the lost and their respective cultures. For example, while addressing the Areopagus in Acts 17, Paul supports his evangelistic message by using secular poets that his listeners would have known (Acts 17:28). Essentially, Paul was willing to break out of the so called ‘Christian bubble,’ and meet the culture where they were at. The fact of the matter is, in order to reach the lost we must speak in terms they are familiar with. Speaking in a Christian slang will not help bring people into the Kingdom; in fact, it will only make individuals seem as though understanding Christianity is an impossible task. Jesus met people where they were at. Paul met people where they were at. Isn’t it about time that Christians followed in their footsteps?

The goal of Christian Literature Review (www.christianlitreview.com) is simple; we want to review literature through a Christian perspective. It’s my hope that the reviews will provide material for Christians to use in speaking with non-Christians, help people practice Biblical discernment, and encourage everyone to compare what they read, watch, or listen, to the Scriptures. However, the website doesn’t limit the reach to only secular literature. In order to promote all kinds of literature, Christian Literature Review also reviews Christian books, both non-fiction and fiction. Literary Apologetics works two ways; reviewing secular works through a Christian lens AND having Christian writers contribute their own works to the world of literature. As such, CLR takes time to promote many Christian authors and help their works get noticed by a wider audience. This is truly an apologetic that is entertaining, creative, and effective. It’s time for Christians to start engaging with the culture, and that begins with understanding the literature they are taking in.

Michael Krauszer is the owner/founder of Christian Literature Review (www.christianlitreview.com). Currently he is a senior at The College of New Jersey, working to complete his BA in English, along with attending Veritas Evangelical Seminary for his MA in Theological Studies. If you’re an author and would like him to review your book, contact him at Mike@Christianlitreview.com.

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