Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Spotlight: One Chance by Daniel Patterson

When Officer Penelope Chance walked in the front door of the Franklin, Florida clinic, she headed straight for the exam rooms at the rear of the building. Doctor Jacob Gordon heard her footsteps echoing on the tiled floor and came out to see who was there. He bumped into her as he rounded the corner.

"I got the call a couple minutes ago. I came right over," she said. "Is he going to be okay?"

"His injuries are beyond what I can deal with here in the clinic," he replied, concern in his voice. "I've stabilized him. An ambulance is on its way to transfer him to Grace Memorial. He's in Exam Room Two, on the left."

Penelope steeled herself and slipped into police officer mode. "Can he talk?" She started to walk past him and Jacob grabbed her arm.

"He doesn't need any more stress right now..."

"We need to know who did this, Jacob. I need to talk to him while I can. In case I can't talk to him later."

Jacob sighed. "I'll give you a few minutes. Penny, he's beat up really bad. I barely recognized him."

With the exception of a double homicide twenty-three years ago, nothing big happened in tiny Franklin, Florida. Most of Officer Penelope Chance's cases were relatively minor incidents. In spite of her prayers, the truth was sometimes she wished a case like this would cross her desk. Something to get her blood pumping and give her brain a good workout.

So when she gets the call about an attempted murder, she can't help but get excited... But when she learns who the victim is... And who's suspected of the crime... her blood runs cold. What starts out as an attempted murder quickly turns into a murder mystery that's going to leave Penelope questioning her faith in the people around her and in herself.

Will Penelope find the culprit and the truth behind everything that's happening in her peaceful little town, or will the case go cold and land in the unsolved mysteries file? Is this a test from God for Penelope and everyone else involved or just one of many bumps in the road to come?

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