Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Preview: Closet Words by Kim Hilton

Originally, I planned to write a first chapter review of this book. As I dove into it, however, I realized that wouldn't be possible. The style is such that there are headings to each small section, but they really aren't chapters. So, I'm offering a short preview of the book now with a full review to follow toward the end of the month.

Taken word for word as heard from God, Closet Words is a collection of powerful and penetrating words written down in the stillness of a prayer closet. Hearing from God for several years, Kim Hilton began writing down what she heard. Encouraging, uplifting, and challenging words with a clear message to His servants, Closet Words gives a renewal and refreshing word to the Christian believer.

COVER: I'm not usually a fan of dark covers, but this one works because it ties into the content of the book and also because that bright light peeking through the partially opened door makes a huge difference. That ends up being your focus; not the darkness.

BOOK PREVIEW:  Closet Words opens with an introduction from the author on what this book is all about. She's sharing what she heard from God word-for-word, beginning in August 2002. As Kim Hilton began fasting and praying, she kept a journal of the words that flowed from God to her. This journal became the basis for the book.

What is unique about Closet Words is that it includes images of Hilton's handwritten journal pages within the pages of the book. While a typed version is also included, these handwritten pages make it much more personal and relatable.

The Table of Contents lists out the section headings, which eludes to the content of the pages in that section. The last section of the book--with its own Table of Contents--is a Reflections and Study Guide.

Paperback: 174 pages
Publisher: WestBowPress (December 10, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1449774539
ISBN-13: 978-1449774530


Kim Hilton, MCC, PCC, has a master's degree in Christian counseling. Founder of Closet Words Ministries Foundation, Kim is a teacher on prayer and listening to God. An avid writer of several books, Closet Words was chosen as the first book to be published with the proceeds going to Closet Words Ministries Foundation. A sought-after speaker and Bible Study leader, Kim has spoken at both national and local events. She resides with her husband on a farm and enjoys spending time with their six grown children and grandchildren. For more information on Kim Hilton or her work, please visit:

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