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Bargain Kindle Book: Bible Feasts by Donna Baer

THE BIBLE'S FEASTS is an engaging summary of the Bible’s winsome narrative of redemption, viewed through the lens of Israel’s feasts. Since these feasts construct a framework for understanding all of redemptive history, they provide a template for describing the major events in the Bible and the important doctrines of the Christian faith. The sizzle that makes this approach to understanding the Scriptures so compelling is remarkable: The Messiah’s death, burial and resurrection are depicted clearly in the feasts themselves, and each event actually occurred on the day of the feast which predicted it!

Here's what great biblical thinkers have to say about THE BIBLE'S FEASTS:

In these pages, the Feasts of Israel span the centuries, coming to life not as ancient rituals but as a framework for all of redemptive story. Written to engage the teenage mind, but also instructive for the rest of us, we discover that the feasts of Israel are rich with prophecy and present day application. Proof of this book’s relevance is that Donna has taught its contents to many teenagers who, for the first time, see the Old Testament not as an ancient narrative, but a life-changing account of God’s intervention into human history. Read it, learn from it and recommend it to your friends.

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Senior Pastor
The Moody Church

Some years ago my wife and I--both Jewish believers in the Messiah-- wrote a book entitled the Fall Feasts of Israel to try and explain these three great biblical festivals to both Christians and Jewish people. It was our hope to help the reader understand the festival and discover the fulfillment of the festivals in Jesus the Messiah. Our book was geared towards adults but it was always my hope that someone would write a book relating these magnificent truths to young people. Donna Baer has now written this book and it is my pleasure to recommend the Bible's Feasts to you and especially to Christian teenagers. I also believe the Bible's Feasts will be helpful to young people who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Messiah and are seeking spiritual solutions to the everyday challenges they face.

Dr. Mitch Glaser
President Chosen People Ministries

Imagine the long sweep of Biblical history falling into place, making good sense, in one or two sittings with this brief book. How engaging for both teens and lifelong learners to consider the symbolic and prophetic meanings of the Feasts--of celebrations!--all fulfilled, and consummated, in Christ. Though I personally still hold prophetic fulfillment with questions, this thoughtful book helps us place our lives in the world's most substantial and beautiful love story—God's.

Kelly Monroe Kullberg
Founder, Veritas Forum

While many seek to replace the narrative of sin and redemption in the pages of scripture with a storyline that fits their own agenda, Donna has captured the redemptive meaning of the Feasts of Israel, evidencing that God's plan of salvation was always central to the life of Israel and is the source of true hope for each of us today. For those who believe the Old Testament lacks relevance for faith in the 21st century, discovering the imagery of Christ and his love for us through an understanding of the Feasts will awaken your passion for sharing the gospel. A book for all ages, make this an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Christ and his mission -- and share it with others.

Sarah Flashing
Director, The Center for Women of Faith in Culture

This STUDY GUIDE accompanies THE BIBLE'S FEASTS, part of the Theology for Novices Series. This Guide not only reinforces material covered in the companion book, but also teaches new information using drills and mnemonics. The separate LEADER'S EDITION provides useful background information, along with creative discussion tips. Ideal for individual or group studies, these books will engage your mind, strengthen your faith, and kindle in you a love for the Scriptures.

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