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Book Spotlight: The Chronicles of Martin by Martin R. Adams

Martin’s Chronicles is about living life to its fullest; rising to the summits and falling to the bottom; faith and its power to heal; and finding a new way to live. There are three stand-alone parts of the book: 1) Martin’s memoirs, covering his upbringing in East Texas; his university years at Texas A&M and the University of Colorado; ascent into the world of oil, money and politics; and ultimately his calamitous fall and recovery through faith. 2) Martin’s life as an alcoholic and his recovery. And, 3) A collection of thought provoking essays Martin has written during his 20 years of sobriety. Martin’s essays delve deeply into the subject of faith; philosophical issues that have puzzled man for eons; and his special insights about creation and the universe, mankind and animals, and eternity and eternal life. This book is a must read for you if you’ve had to face some of life’s most challenging problems, if you have ever questioned your faith, or if you have ever had to rebuild your way. It is not a how-to book. Chronicles is a book of encouragement that traces how God worked in the life of a man.



You are about to begin a journey with me down my particular road in life. I want my children, grandchildren and others to read, understand and perhaps reread my story, learning more about me and hopefully about themselves, life in the fast lane, and the miracle of God’s love and grace. This work consists of three parts----BOOK ONE, My Beginnings, is my life’s story. BOOK TWO tells you about my drinking life as an alcoholic, and my recovery. BOOK THREE is a collection of Essays I have written over the years.

BOOK ONE discusses three distinctly different parts of my life---1) Before I knew Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior---2) After He became my Lord and Savior---3) Then Redemption and Sanctification, moving me to a closer, more intimate relationship with Him.

The first part of my life spanned about 38 years. It was marked by successes, sometimes confusion, occasional heartaches, and some unfulfilled dreams. It was characterized by self-striving and after my considerable successes, failure.

The second part covered about 20 years, after I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I continued living in the world, occasionally drinking to excess, sometimes womanizing, and striving harder than ever to achieve my goals. I still wanted badly to have my own way. Some would say this part of my life exemplifies “carnal Christianity”. Others would question whether I had met Jesus Christ at all twenty years earlier. Regardless, I absolutely knew in my heart and believed totally that if I died, I would be in heaven-- in the arms of Jesus Christ. The old question about whether one can lose his salvation was settled in my heart. I had never committed that unpardonable sin as I understand it, declaring overtly or covertly that I reject and renounce Jesus Christ as my Savior. I was satisfied knowing I was saved for all eternity, certain beyond all doubt that Jesus Christ was and is my Savior.

Twenty years passed before events in my life conspired for the Lord to begin the process of Sanctification, in which I was drawn into a much deeper relationship with Christ Jesus than I had ever known or imagined. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize I’m that person Christ changed.

No, I haven’t emoted into Mr. Goody Two Shoes by any means. But my entire outlook has been changed by the hands of God during the past twenty years. I sometimes wonder if this Martin would succeed again today as a businessman in the cutthroat world in which I’ve lived. The short answer is “yes”, because I am led by the Lord whether into success or failure. God changed my desires when I got out of His way.

Finally I wanted Him to have His way with me. I wanted to walk so close to Him that I would KNOW His will for me. I knew alcohol had stood between me and my desire for that fuller richer fellowship with Him. I wearied of analyzing everything to death and just finally decided to rest in His will for me.

Joy and contentment generally characterize my life, joy beyond anything I knew during those first 58 years. I don’t want to disobey the Lord. Sins of the flesh no longer please or fulfill me. In fact I want to avoid committing sin, looking daily to the Lord to help me.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you. It's a long personal journey, from my provincial upbringings ultimately to my life with Christ Jesus. I think many who walk in the ways of the world, eventually coming out the other end, will identify with my experiences. This is meant to be a source of encouragement to you. If sometimes it seems to you like all is lost and there is no way out, my story is for you.

During the last 20 years, I've written many essays covering a variety of topics. Many are spiritual, some are philosophical, and some are simply my analytical way of looking at things. I’ve collected those I believe you’ll enjoy into BOOK THREE---ESSAYS. Please read them slowly and thoughtfully-- maybe only one or two at a time. Think about what you’ve read afterwards. Maybe some light will shine on things you may have wondered about. Reread them, and see if they help with riddles in your life.

Martin R. Adams, September, 2013
College Station, Texas

“And we know that in all things God works for
the good of those who love him, who have
been called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28 (NRSV)

Publish date: March 2014
Publisher: Virtualbook Worm
Website: www.chroniclesofmartin.com
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Chronicles-Martin-R-Adams/dp/1621374645
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-chronicles-of-martin-martin-r-adams/1118906861

Martin Adams has spent most of his career being what he calls “a corporate midwife.” The meaning of the euphemism is clear…deliver the business. Whether it is re-packaging existing businesses, strengthening weak businesses, or playing into a market need, Martin has been a professional builder of business. Some have called him a “rainmaker,” referring to Martin’s ability to promulgate new business in torrents like rainfall. Educated as a chemical engineer at Texas A&M University and the University of Colorado, Martin used his strong analytic skills and experiences at the Humble Oil & Refining Co. (Exxon Mobil) to become fully adroit with business and management skills. He was born in the East Texas piney woods, educated in Aggieland, forged in the Houston oil game and tempered on Wall Street investing. Felled by addiction to the bottle, rallied in the Nation’s Capitol, Martin found peace through faith and recreated his life. Today, he lives with his wife in College Station, TX.

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