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First Chapter Review: Where Was God? by Sheila L. Jackson

I received a copy of the first chapter of this book from the author through Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Tours.

BLURB:  Where Was God? Fayth Angelica Hope, questioned after the death of her father. Reared by a mother who could give, Cruella Deville, a run for her money as, “The Queen of Mean,” Fayth turns her back on the church, her faith, and love. She believed, no just and merciful God would have abandoned her to the harsh brutality of her mother’s iron fist. Her emotional and spiritual scars run deep, lasting into adulthood.

As a promising investigative reporter, she decides to change her name. Her given name of Fayth has more curses attached to it than blessings. She hopes the switch to Angelica will give her the clean slate she desires.

Assigned to investigate financial advisor Jasion McCoy, Angelica goes in determined to expose him for embezzlement. She hopes the story will advance her career as one of the top reporters across the country. Instantly, there is an attraction. But she hides her feelings from him. After a series of missteps, broken heartedness, and rejections in her past, she buries the notion of any man, especially a man of his caliber, ever loving her. With the evidence stacked against him, she believes his only interest in her is to keep from going to prison.

Top-notch financial advisor Jasion McCoy is in the middle of an embezzlement scheme. When Angelica Hope shows up in his office, he knows he’s in trouble. She is one of the hottest investigative reporters in Port City and now she’s gunning for him. How can Jasion convince her that he is innocent? And how can he hold back his feeling for the woman who’s out to do him in?

COVER: While this certainly isn't a cover I would expect from a Christian suspense novel, it doesn't make me discount it right away either. I've always liked red on black, so it's attractive. I just feel it falls too heavily into a romance cover and doesn't portray the Christian or suspense aspects of the book at first glance.

FIRST CHAPTER: Angelica Hope has changed her name and severed all ties with her abusive mother. An investigative reporter, she is plagued by nightmares as a result of her traumatic childhood. With the help of a counselor, Angelica seeks to put her past behind her. Feeling like God abandoned her makes it challenging.

KEEP READING: I like that the author is tackling tough issues with this novel, but I fear regular readers of Christian fiction might have an issue with how detailed the abuse is. It certainly caught me off guard. The language is also edgy and raw. That said, I would definitely continue reading. You have a young woman who is trying to move beyond her past with the help of her counselor. She has felt abandoned by God, which makes the counselor's Christian principles tough to deal with. I would love to see if Angelica will stick with counseling and if she can reconcile her past and move forward. In addition, I'm eager to see what happens once she meets Jasion and the suspense kicks into full swing.

Title: Where Was God? (Their Hearts Burned to be Together)
Genre: Christian Fiction Romance Suspense
Author: Sheila Jackson
Publisher: Concerning Life Publishing
Pages: 226
Format: Paperback/Kindle

This review contains my honest opinions, which I have not been compensated for in any way.

Sheila L. Jackson lives with her family in Shreveport, Louisiana. She is an anointed speaker, teacher, and writer that utilize her gifts to carry the Word of God to those in need of spiritual soul food. Sheila has penned two, inspirational non-fiction books, The Enemy Within and Through the Eyes of God. She has also written several inspirational and social articles for a local newspaper and magazine.

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