Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Chapter Review: When Shmack Happens by Amber Neben

When Shmack Happens by Amber Neben is a Christian nonfiction inspirational story chronicling Amber's journey to overcome major obstacles on and off the bike. Amber is touring during the month of July with Pump Up Your Book.

BLURB:  Have you ever been through a hard time in life? Ever wondered why bad things happen? Amber Neben has you covered. The 2x Olympic cyclist for Team USA knows a thing or two about shmack- her word for describing adversity that comes our way in life. Follow Amber’s journey as she overcomes major obstacles both on and off the bike-and encourages you to join her in developing the perseverance, patience, perspective, and power than only Christ can give us. Very few people may know or understand what road cycling is, but everyone knows what it means to be an Olympian. The champion road cyclist chronicles her disappointments and failures, as well as amazing comebacks and victories-while thrilling audiences along the way with gripping stories of faith and hope. After reading When Shmack Happens, you’ll feel equipped and encouraged to face life’s tough moments, and find yourself cheering for Amber to get back on the bike…one more time. Learn what it means to be a spiritual champion in God’s eyes.

COVER: This is a cover that is as intense as its story. The ominous clouds. The black road. The rider's face etched in concentration. The picture  above doesn't do it justice. It's a superb cover.

FIRST CHAPTER: The author opens with a horrific crash that happened in May of 2013 as she raced the Amgen Tour of California Time Trial before moving into a discussion of adversity, her faith, and her goal in writing this book.

KEEP READING: I'm already on Chapter 9 if that gives you any hints. Though this is a sports story about a decorated international road cyclist, this isn't necessarily only for sports fans or athletes. It's a story of how one woman's faith has helped her to cope with the adversity in her life: what she calls "Shmack." Starting off at the time of the crash encourages the reader to continue. Neben has an engaging conversational style that puts the reader at ease right away. And you can tell by how her writing flows that faith is a big part of who she is. It's like you're right there in front of her listening to her telling you the story. Most important, it's not a preachy story. This is a powerful testimony.

Title: When Shmack Happens: The Making of a Spiritual Champion
Author: Amber Neben
Genre: Christian nonfiction/inspirational stories/sports autobiography
Paperback: 172 pages
Publisher: Neben Px4 (March 18, 2014)
ISBN-10: 0991303008
ISBN-13: 978-0991303007

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