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Character Interview: Dark Sorcerer from The White Knight, the Lost Kingdom, and the Sea Princess by Judy Carlson

Just as the creator of the Chronicles of Narnia decided to try his writer’s hand and imagination, I decided to try something too. And so, I have written a story of my own having been prompted by that same idea of creating a God presence in another place. No, it is not Narnia but it is a new world similar yet different from our own. Surely, as I write this, I was inspired by the man who has invited tens of thousands of readers and not a few writers to write, think and look beyond this ‘shadow land’ called earth. I have named it The White Knight, the Lost Kingdom, and the Sea Princess’.

It is a story of intrigue and ever present danger in a world populated by creatures and mortals, whose destiny hangs by the threads of an Emperor’s vision, a prince’s lost love, mysterious foes, enchanting forest maidens, unlikely heroes, and a mermaid-heroine. All of this is wrapped up in a champion so invincible, yet mysterious, that he challenges the Dark Sorcerer with supernatural forces of a fascinating nature, using even the humblest of defenders. This profound love story will leave you with a taste for a country and a universe beyond your dreams and even imaginings. A world that is A fairy tale come true, and one “you will never want to end”.


Interview with the Dark Sorcerer

How did you come to power?

I am a powerful Sorcerer and my power is drawn from the Dark Kingdom that spans the depth of the underworld. I rule the watery realm of Bysmia as my staging ground. From there I am only beginning to show the full breadth and heigth of my power in conquering of the Eastern Island Kingdom of Ajar. From there I shall reach the Dominions of the Northern Empire of Tundrand and beyond!

Why are you against the White Knight?

The White Knight Aryel is only a weakling slave of the Ancient One. (May he be forever accursed!) I am showing his downfall, the flaw in his great (hah!) white armor as he gives all human chattel the power to choose. This is his fatal error and shall continue to destroy the very fabric of his will to rule all men, but only by their own choosing. Fool!! Dominance, threat, terror, brutality that is what man and beast must have in a conqueror. That is what they truly ultimately want is to be ruled over and given no lee way to choose their loyalties, idiots that they all are.

Do you fear the Ancient One?

I fear no power but the threat of the usurpation of my rightful reign over the world of men. Any power, be he man, devil or God will find me the foe that cannot be overcome! My minions fear Him and tremble at the thought but I would rather reign supreme in the Dark Kingdom than serve or be dominated by that unspeakable name and abide in his weak willed kingdom of fools and saintly weaklings!

Will you ever be defeated?


Title: The White Knight, the Lost Kingdom, and the Sea Princess
Author: Judy Carlson
Publisher: Nordskog Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: July 1, 2015
Format: eBook / PDF / Paperback
Pages: 476
ISBN: 978-0983195757
Genre: Mythical Fantasy

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Judy Carlson is from St. Paul, MN. She and husband Tim have six children and 20 grandchildren and reside in Missouri. Judy has a BA in English from Trinity International University. Her lifetime passion for literature and writing and the works of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien has permeated this novel with their characteristic sense of wonder. She wrote her first story at age nine, and has been the grand storyteller to her children and grandchildren.

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